Why choose ErisAI Chatbot?

With our generative AI, enterprises can enjoy below benefits

Boost in customer satisfaction
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Increase in team's productivity
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Saving in operational time & costs
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Accuracy in query resolution
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Next-Generation Conversational AI

We connect generative AI to enterprise data to create the next generation of chatbots

Smart Conversation

Deploy generative AI to automate the customer support process.

Multilingual Support

Get support of 30+ languages to increase your global reach.

Scalable Process

Handle loads of questions or requests at the same time.

WhatsApp Integration

Use AI chatbot to set up high-quality WhatsApp Campaigns.

Voice Detection

Revolutionize Chatbots with voice recognition and NLP.

Enhancing the Customer Query Process

Key Steps to a Successful Journey


Deploy personalized greetings and transform mere website visits into potential sales opportunities.


Assists visitors to make purchase decisions by recommending products and personalized offers.
Automate%20Customer%20Engagement%20With%20AI Powered%20ChatBot


Create and assess leads, and pass high-potential clients to the sales team to speed up sales process.


Streamline the customer's ability to make purchases, place orders, or schedule meetings with the chatbot.

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